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#2The rendezvous is a gathering of a bunch of like-minded, fun people WHO ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES. You are responsible for you, you are adults, unless you have kids, in which case you are responsible for them (not us!) THE INHERENT EXTREME RISKS IN TECHNICAL CANYONEERING, ROCK CLIMBING, HIKING AND GENERAL DESERT ACTIVITIES, ARE, BUT NOT LIMITED TO climbing, rappelling, hiking on steep terrain, cold water swimming, desert living, up and/or down climbing, stemming, chimneying, and other technical aspects of climbing and canyoneering and desert activities. YOU realize that those risks include, but are not limited to : death, falls from or contact with cliffs, rocks, deep slot canyons, slick rock, pot holes, bad decision-making, inattention of belayers or action of other participants, misuse or failure of equipment, anchors which may have become loose or damaged, and freakish accidents which cannot be foreseen. Again, you are responsible for you. The organizers (DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats LLC.) of the event are just that, organizers. If you choose to canyoneer, you do it at your own risk and if you go into a canyon, you assume the risk and everyone with you assumes, you know what you are doing. HAVE FUN, BE SAFE AND DON’T END UP IN THE MEDIA!

#3 DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats,LLC uses photography, video, images, etc to advertise and promote future events. By agreeing with these terms you authorize DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats, LLC. to use your appearance on any future productions. You signify and understand that you will receive no compensation for your appearance. Darkhorse Leadership and Retreats,LLC shall have complete ownership of the program. You give the right to use your name, likeness and biographical material to publicize the event and the services of DarkHorse Leadership and Retreats, LLC.

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